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Still Austin

Still Austin American Gin "The Naturalist"

70% Rye & 30% Non GMO White Corn from Texas with Organic Botanicals.


Still Austin’s American Gin—known as “The Naturalist”—employs the same gin recipe that’s built a loyal fanbase over the past few years. The spirit continues our tradition of hand-distilling in small batches, using 100% Texas-grown grains: Brasetto rye and non-GMO white corn. The spice of the rye provides a perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of the corn. Each 100-gallon batch is distilled using our smaller pot still, known as “The Queen,” and we’ve infused the spirit with a lush combination of 12 botanicals, including coriander, elderflower, Jamaican allspice, two types of cinnamon and three types of citrus.

Tasting Notes

Bright Citrus with Rich Rye Spice, White Peppercorn & hints of Grapefruit.


ABV / Proof : 45 %/ 90